How Do New Car Sound Systems Stack Up?

Nov - 06

How Do New Car Sound Systems Stack Up?

There’s quite the heated argument over internet forums on what car sound systems are better – the old or the new, particularly on the amplifiers. Naturally, most would say, the newer the better while the old school kiddies would passionately say, no way, vintage is the way to go. Now, I won’t jump right into the fray by taking sides, that would be too tedious thank you very much, so I’ll just discuss how new car sound systems stack up to their older counterparts.

Frankly, modern car sound systems offer a plethora of newer and better features that suits today’s technological age. There are USB ports, HDMI, Bluetooth connection, LCD screen, AM/FM tuners, CD/DVD player, memory cards, built-in speaker level inputs and of course a sleek compact design that perfectly complements your beloved car. There are also some other features like traffic signal messages or GPS navigation.  

These are all well and good, but the thing with new car sound systems is that with all these new additional high-tech features, manufacturers had to cut some cost somewhere in order to keep within their design budget, right? So the result, more often than not, is that the sound quality is compromised and the overall product longevity suffers. This means, newer car sound systems are often less durable and has a comparable sound quality with their vintage counterparts. New speakers with a more superior sound quality often cost wads of dollars, which, unsurprisingly, is bemoaned by audiophiles who are forever in search of high-fidelity sound reproduction.

Personally, I find it more practical to buy the newer stereos, I mean, car + smartphone + plug = music. But really, to each his own. There’s merit in both types. There’s always something so nostalgic about vintage products and hey, they can probably outlast you with how sturdy they are. If you’re looking for new speakers to amp up your joy-drive visit for reviews on high-quality speakers.

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