Author: iatesign

Feb - 21

How To Design A Website For Lawyers

If you’re a lawyer then you probably know that you need to have a website that will help you rank for terms that people are searching for on Google and other platforms. They play a very important role, especially since…

Dec - 01

High-Level Design & How To Make It Work

For those who are not tech savvy or aren’t knowledgeable in the field of programming, High-Level Design is a way for software products to be viewed through a diagram. In architecture, building designs often start off as blueprints and these…

Nov - 06

How Do New Car Sound Systems Stack Up?

There’s quite the heated argument over internet forums on what car sound systems are better – the old or the new, particularly on the amplifiers. Naturally, most would say, the newer the better while the old school kiddies would passionately…

May - 24

Be Seduced By The FIAT 500X

Although we aren’t suggesting that driving a FIAT 500X will entice those that own the FIAT 124 Spider, like in the video above, we do know that you will fall in love with the FIAT 500X as soon as you…