The FIAT 500: Beautiful In Any Color

Posted by iatesign   on May 24, 2017
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You may already know that you want to purchase a new FIAT 500 and all that’s left is to make the last final and perhaps hardest decision: the color.

FIAT has created enough colors to ensure that you match your personality

With an impressive 15 exterior color choices, you are sure to find the perfect color for you. If you are looking to stand out with colors that pop you should take a look at such colors as: Rosso (Red), Spitfire-Orange, Laser Blu (Bright Metallic Blue), Celeste Blu (Retro Light Blue), Giallo Moderna Perla (Yellow), or, like the picture above, Latte Menta. Perhaps you are interested in a more subdued shade. The Verde Chiaro (Light Green), Billet Argento (Silver), Nero Puro (Straight Black), Bianco (White), Granito Lucente (Granite Crystal), Verde Oliva (Olive Green), Rhino, Grigio Cenre, and the Bianco Perla (Pearl White Tri-Coat) will still allow you shine in the crowded streets, but with a tamer colored palate.

Customize your FIAT 500 Pop and ABARTH with appearance packages

If you want to add more variety to your FIAT 500 Pop or ABARTH vehicles you can also add one of three different appearance packages.

  • Pop Two-Tone Package – Change your mirror caps and roof top to either Nero, Rosso, or Bianco, depending on which exterior color you have previously chosen.
  • Pop Sport Black Trim Package – A plethora of black trims adorn this sportier-looking FIAT 500 Pop while 16-inch black aluminum wheels are added to finish the effect. The interior is also given a sporty make-over with silver accents, sport cloth bucket seats, and multiple black additions.
  • ABARTH Roof and Mirror Cap Package – Like the two-tone package for the Pop, you can change the roof and mirror caps to Nero, Rosso, or Bianco, but for the ABARTH package, you are also given the opportunity to change the bodyside stripe and spoiler to either black, grey, red, or white.

If you would like to witness the different color selections that we, at Principle FIAT, serving San Antonio, Schertz, Live Oak, Alamo Heights, and Windcrest, TX, have in our collection, browse through our new FIAT 500 inventory or visit our Springfield, Missouri dealership. We can discuss what color options are available and offer you any test drive you require.

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